Click here to complete our Child Care Tracking Tool.

Procedure for using the Family Outcomes Tracking Tool:

1.       Ask families who apply for services if they need child care for their young child.

2.       If they say ‘no’, give them the flier Brain Building Experiences for Young Children and point to the section titled ‘Other Learning Opportunities’ on the back.  Briefly describe these and encourage them attend with their child.

3.       If they say ‘yes’, give them the flier and provide a brief explanation of Yancey Co. early learning opportunities and ways to pay for it.  

a.       Point to the CCR&R phone number, and explain this agencies’ role in linking families with child care.

b.       Encourage them to call CCR&R, and explain you will check back with them in a 2-4 weeks to make sure CCR&R was able to help.

c.        Contact the family after 2-4 weeks.  Follow the instructions in this survey to document their experiences. If the family does not answer, make a second contact within a few days.


Please enter the family’s initials only for purposes of confidentiality. The Yancey Alliance for Young Children Program Manager will analyze data monthly to identify trends in barriers to accessing child care.  YAY C will not use the information to follow-up with individual families and problem-solve their concerns.